UTF-8 Express Boot Camp

You are a developer of application server for the web, or a webapp developer:

Fast answer:

Continue to use your existing ANSI API functions provided by your actual programming language, these functions for manipulating strings and characters are perfectly fine,
everything will be handled automatically by switching to UTF8 encoding at the level of the HTML page,
web browsers are doing the job for you, declare:
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
As simple as that, your application is now able to handle all characters and languages for the next millenium!

The magic explained:

And now, some explanations about "how" and "why" UTF-8 handles all this magically without changing your programmer habits,
in order to handle UTF8, you as a developer needs to care only about 2 use-cases:

Adopt Convention:

You are the developer of your application so adopt "Convention" over "Configuration & Declaration", basic utf-8 conventions will ease your development effort, your diagnosis effort and your maintenance effort on your application, consider the following: